Since the first cars were created, mechanics and other car passionates try to improve engines performance by increasing their power, torque and modifying different elements for better results.

What is a chiptuning?
Crave for engine performance improvements in modern cars resulted in creating a chip tuning service, which leads to achieving highest measurable horsepower and torque due to engine control unit software modification. This process can be done safely and efficiently only with precise data acquired during test runs on performance dynamometer (more about our MAHA performance dynamometer).

In the older engines all the processes were controlled mechanically, but since microchip controllers were introduced in car industry everything has changed. Now the engine unit is controlled by computer chip that defines how the engine should perform in various conditions. Basically chip tuning is a process of intercepting the microchip commands and optimizing them in order to enhance engine performance. Each engine is different so every software file is individually modified by our experts and balanced using an advanced test bench.

Engine performance enhancement
To provide the professional chip tuning it is necessary to understand all the phenomena related to fuel combustion. Accurate analysis of digital data used for further chip software modification results in optimal engine performance enhancement.

The most important is to check exact engine power. Precise analysis of the engine parameters allows to determine whether it qualifies for power enhancement. In this process it may occur that engine unit rather needs to be fixed than tuned. In the next stage we check the software of the ECU. It is much easier with cars equipped with OBD, than in older cars we extract the chip mechanically.

Chiptuning in R-Motors
In R-Motors we use only legal and up-to-date software for ECU microchips. When choosing a garage witch chip tuning service, at all costs you should avoid ones with pirate software. Without proper technical support and updates the microchip in your car may be severely damaged during the rewriting process. This may increase the cost of the modification significantly.

After extraction of the data from the microchip, we can start the next stage of chip tuning – the modification of engine performance parameters. We are constantly cooperating with best european car tuning companies, improving our knowledge about the software used in microchips in order to provide the most reliable service of chip tuning. After uploading the changes to the microchip – we check the results on a test bench. If achieved outcome is the satisfactory and increase in engine performance optimal, we run the final test on dynamometer and take the car for in vivo road test. If it’s necessary we make more enhancements, and if everything runs smoothly – you get your empowered car back with certificate confirming the results of chip tuning.