Performance dynamometer
in R-Motors

Our test bench is a  top class, professional equipment that allow to run precise and repeatable tests of engine performance. Except the dynamometer, our diagnostic stations contains two powerful cooling fans that create perfect condition for proper oxy-fuel combustion.

What is a dynamometer for?

This is definitely the most important diagnostic equipment during chiptuning. Measurement on the test bench gives us precise data of wheel, drag as well as the engine power and torque. The result of this test is crucial for proper and safe regulation of the engine performance parameters.


Napęd na jedną oś
100 PLN
Napęd na dwie osie
4x4 // AWD
200 PLN


Performance configurator

Use our online performance configurator and check how we can improve the HP and torque of your car. Send us an inquiry, we will prepare the individual offer for your car and arrange the convenient time for the chiptunning service.

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