Dynamometer is the one of the most important diagnostic devices in modern garage. There are several types of dynamometer, but the most advanced is the performance dynamometerThis kind of test bench allows to create environment similar to road conditions. It is possible to diversify the parameters of dynamometer in order to simulate various situations on the road.

What we gain from the test bench?

Measurement on the test bench gives us precise data concerning the time, which the car needs to reach the top speed on the defined gear in the simulated road conditions. We can measure wheel, drag and engine power and torque. The result of this test is crucial for proper regulation of the engine performance parameters.

Optimal conditions for precise and reliable test bench results

What we need to get precise and replicable data from the test bench? Advanced performance dynamometer is crucial to let the engine reach the top power level and torque in controlled conditions. Equally important is achieving the characteristics of boost pressure and auxiliary parameters, as close to real, as possible.

Crucial elements of the test bench

Based on our 10 year experience, we created the most efficient and advanced procedure of testing on the MAHA LPS3000 performance dynamometer. This device is not the only part of the diagnostic station. The other essential equipment is the air cooling fan. The air current prevents the engine from overheating and maintains the constanttemperature typical for normal driving conditions. The cooling fan creates the ideal ambient temperature conditions for proper oxy-fuel combustion. It lets us measure the precise amount of oxygen the car needs for fuel combustion.

In R-Motors we use two massive air cooling fans that are capable of exchanging the air in the station 12 times per second (provides inflow of 90 000 m3 of air per hour).

MAHA LPS 3000 is a double roller performance dynamometer and a powerful tool delivering precise, reproducible results for engine power and torque. Moreover it offers ideal basis for vehicle diagnosis under load conditions. This particular dynamometer has been approved by many well known chip tuning specialists, scientists, technicians and car manufacturers all over Europe.