Our dynamometer allows to conduct precise diagnostics of engine power, and therefore works not only when we perform chip tuning . We use it also, if you wish to evaluate the power of Your car. Why? There are many reasons, starting from the curiosity concerning the condition of the engine, to checking the reliability of the chip tuning performed by another company. Verification of “competition” work makes us occasionally very surprised. Usually, the owners bring to us vehicles after chip tuning that raise their doubts.

Usually we do not enter into the competitions ideas of ” power increase”, but we often encounter situations where the results promised by the tuner are very different from the real ones. Homegrown “tuners” working in garages without dynamometer promise pie in the sky – but such chip tuning not only does not help, but it can even cause serious damage to a car. Cars treated by them achieve on our rolls results that are sometimes astonishing. It’s not just about low scores or very poor mileage torque curve or rotation function power. Often the results “after modifications” were worse than serial parameters of the car!

Performing engine parameter modification without a test bench is very dangerous. Dynamometer enables measuring of motor parameters that are key to the chip-tuning, but above all, allows to diagnose the actual condition of the engine. Some of the cars do not qualify to power raise at all. Making modifications to not fully operational unit can cause serious engine damage (and lead to very expensive repairs). If the first measure on the dynamometer is abnormal – we have to start looking for the cause and take the vehicle to a workshop to repair the failure. Only “healthy” motor may be modified.

The mere modification of the software requires knowledge and experience. It is not about “uploading program on 145.5 horse”. If you ever hear such a proposal in any workshop, treat it as a serious warning.

The very process of raising power is complicated and time-consuming. Often we carry out even several tests of power on a dynamometer, making various adjustments and matching  modifications with specific requirements of the drive unit. The dynamometer is also verification of our work – during the process, we are able to check whether the idea of changing a particular parameter has any effect on the power and torque of the motor. Thanks to this methodical approach, we are able to find the safest solution for your engine and guarantee an optimal power gain.

To sum up – searching for the workshop, which performs chip tuning service – base your decision on facts, not promises. Do not let be tempted by promised enormous and unexplainable increase of engine power. Look for a professional company and don’t give your car to inexperienced hands. Amateur experimenting with the engine can cause a very expensive repair.

In the next article we will show you some examples of cars which suffered such experiments.